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 Born on November 14, 1996, in Athens, GA, to a father who preached and a mom who led worship and sang at their local church.  It came natural for David to begin singing as a young boy in front on the congregation.  He grew up near and attended school in Augusta, KY, also the same school that George Clooney attended and graduated from.  A local music teacher, and member of the congregation fondly remembers him beating on the chair with his drum sticks to the rhythm of the music.  He began playing whatever instrument he could get a hold of (saxophone, drums, guitar, violin, cello) and teaching himself things, learning from others, and gaining knowledge through school bands. 

Given the choice, David steadily moved toward the guitar, progressing quickly, and beyond what anyone could imagine.  The music was in his soul.  He effortlessly began to play and write scores of music straight from his heart. His contribution to the church worship team was amazing, and helped to hone and sharpen his skills. 

David continued to move upward and onward , winning a music scholarship two times in Augusta, KY before graduating.  In 2015, completely out of the norm for his school, David was invited to sing a song he had written earlier in the year, at his graduation that dealt with the death of his brother and two classmates.  He moved the audience with the sincerity of his music and level of skill for one so young. Nick and Nina Clooney (actor George Clooney’s parents) happened to be in that audience as it was also their grandson’s graduation.  David was able to spend some time with George Clooney as he was in town celebrating his nephew’s graduation. George gave a David a few words of advice at that time. His parents, Nick and Nina were impressed by David’s skill and ability and helped to get him a management contract soon after. 

David happened to be in Nashville, TN the summer after graduation attending the 2015 CMA fest,  and entered a Martin Guitar sponsored open mic contest with his sister by his side singing harmony.  They won the contest!


With the thirst for a music career driving him, David traveled to Nashville, TN and recorded a song he wrote called “Kentucky Bred”. Over the next few months, David drove to every single radio station in the state of Kentucky (over 300), very much like Kentucky legend Loretta Lynn, giving them his music, and then enjoyed having his song played and hearing himself on the radio as he was driving down the road. 

During high school, he learned the trade of welding and was honored with Welder of the Year at the local technical college.  After moving to Nashville in 2017 and being a certified welder, David used that skill to help build the great city of Nashville by day and making a music career by night. 

David  has co-written with writers who have written hits for Josh Turner, Kelly Pickler, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Chris Stapleton, Lee Ann Womack, Jack Owen, Brooks and Dunn and many more.  He has had the opportunity to perform at some of the biggest writer’s rounds in Nashville. 

David continues to work hard to learn everything he can and improve his skill level, writing and playing at every opportunity given him.  He has a passion for the music and you will continue to hear about David Tucker!


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Kentucky Bred

by David Tucker